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    Uber PCO car hire

    Uber, the most well-known private taxi company in the world is planning to hire more and more drivers to develop its job and cover more locations. This is a great opportunity for those who are either jobless or thinking of a second job to increase their earning. Becoming an Uber driver is not much hard but has a few requirements which are necessary to be done. One of them is owning a car and it could be using your personal vehicle (if it meets the requirements of TfL) or rent a PCO car that is ready to join Uber. In this article you are going to learn more about Uber car rental terms and conditions, but before that, let’s take a look at the meaning of PCO car and PCO license.

    You are going to read the items below in this article

    • What is a PCO car?
    • What is a PCO license?
    • Who is a PCO driver?
    • How can I become an Uber driver in London?
    • Where can I hire Uber PCO cars?
    • Costs of an Uber PCO car hire
    • Conclusion

    What is a PCO car?

    A PCO car, as you might read in other articles, is the vehicle (can be any four door car or minivans) which is accepted by TfL (Transport for London) terms and conditions and you can use it to join internet based taxis such as Uber. PCO cars are usually offered by different companies in various models and types which have special fees. You can easily rent a PCO car by having a PCO license, insurance number and the deposit fee.

    What is a PCO license?

    In order to become an Uber driver (or driver of any other PHV companies) you need to have a PCO license beside your driving license. The PCO license shows your qualification in reading road maps and some other skills which is valid for 3 years. You need to renew the PCO license after 3 years if you were planning to keep working as a PCO driver.

    Who is a PCO driver?

    PCO drivers are the people who work as a private cab and can be hired by different PHV operators such as Uber, Ola, Green tomato cars, etc. A typical PCO driver can earn a living cost easily without having any time and location limitation on the job.

    How can I become an Uber driver in London?

    Becoming an Uber driver is one of the easiest ways of becoming a PCO driver. All you need is to sign up on Uber official website, upload the documents and wait to receive the activated status from the supporting team of Uber. What you need to become an Uber driver includes:

    1. Being at least 21 years old.
    2. Having a valid driver license in the UK.
    3. Having a bank account to receive payments.
    4. Having a PCO license.
    5. Having a PCO car.
    6. Proving you are healthy (by providing medical documents)

    While your documents are ready, in a few days you can officially become an Uber driver.

    Where can I hire Uber PCO cars?

    Regardless of the PHV (private hire vehicle) operator you plan to join, you can hire your desired PCO car from many companies around the UK which one of them is G&M Direct. The good point of this company is that they offer the best cars with the lowest requirements.

    As a tip, we gathered top 10 popular PCO cars in London so that you can choose among the bests.

    1. Toyota Prius (hybrid)
    2. Toyota Prius plus (hybrid)
    3. Volkswagen
    4. Vauxhall Zafira
    5. Mercedes Benz (E-class)
    6. Ford Galaxy
    7. Toyota corolla (hybrid)
    8. Kia Niro
    9. Nissan leaf
    10. Toyota Prius (plug-in)

    Costs of an Uber PCO car hire

    Uber PCO car hire in the UK, depending on the model and type of the car can be different. You can find a car for less than £100 per week with no deposit or you can find a car over £200 with at least £500 deposit fee. The point is that, the more you pay, the better services and a classier car you will receive. All the mentioned cars in the previous paragraph of the article will require weekly rental fees over £100 but it is guaranteed that you can earn much more per week with them in a way that you can easily afford a good living and saving money at the same time.


    When technology is affecting everything so fast, becoming compatible with it is vital for everyone. Uber, or any other internet based taxis are one of the greatest favors, technology and innovation given to humans. In this case, if you are planning to make a revolution in your earnings, joining a PHV operator and working as a PCO driver would be one of the top choices as:

    1. You are your own boss
    2. You don’t need to work in a particular time or location
    3. You can work as much as you want and earn as much as you need
    4. Etc.

    There are tens of other benefits for this job role that you can only feel when you work! In this article you learnt more about Uber and Uber PCO car hire plus the conditions of becoming a PCO driver. Besides, a list of top 10 PCO cars in London was mentioned so that you can easily choose an Uber PCO car to hire.

    What is PCO car rental?
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